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Idea Lab Jamaica

Business Incubator

Idea Lab is a business incubator to fast track the growth of small businesses, specifically those focused in technology. A traditional business incubator facilitates the growth of a small businesses by providing needed physical space requirements in terms of affordable office space, but also business support services. We have taken things a little further.

Collaboration is key to the sustainable growth of a small business and provides IDEAS to entrepreneurs by being able to freely share, explore and build on a simple idea. Our facility is designed recognizing the power of collaboration.

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Innovate 10x

Corporate Business Development

Technological developments of the digital age have made it possible for companies to do business in new ways and is creating opportunity, that can transform the business and revenue model. That’s why we’ve established a dedicated Innovation team led by Sheldon Powe, Innovate 10X Chief Executive Officer.


Innovate 10x (or simply 10x) is a limited liability company focused on identifying, deploying proven digital solutions with the potential to scale at a local as well as a regional level in multiple countries by leveraging the footprint of its equity investor and anchor client Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB).

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Sylvan Family Care

Dental & Medical Centre

Sylvan Family Care is a holistic family centre, providing care in Medical and Dental Services. We focus on providing a very patient oriented service with specialists to cater to patients’ specific needs.

Currently, our team comprises of several Dental Surgeons, Dental Assistants, Family Physicians, Gynecologists/Obstetricians, a General Surgeon. Our aim is to not only provide exceptional medical care to our patients but to also develop a relationship with them as well. Good care involves more than just good medicine, which is why our facilities have been designed to create a rounded environment catering to persons of all ages.

Here at Sylvan Family Care, patients can expect the highest level of medical and dental care in an environment of the utmost comfort, consistently making “Health is Wealth”.

  • Sylvan Family Care Website
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Appfinity Technologies

Software Development

We are Digital Innovators, designing & developing quality products to provide businesses with leading-edge IT Strategies and Solutions that go beyond the expected, unleashing potential and positively impacting your bottom line.


We help our clients and partners to maximize value and minimize cost from their investments in information technology. This is achieved by providing a range of mission-critical outsourced services allowing them to manage IT cost effectively, freeing up scarce resources to concentrate on managing their business.

  • Appfinity Technologies Website
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