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Serving Jamaica with Professionalism, Experience and Integrity

Optimum Distributors is a major supplier of dental equipment and supplies and has a rich history serving the dental community for over 30 years. Our technicians are verse in maintaining and installing dental equipment such as chairs, x-ray units, compressors, suction units and a range of other equipment.


Optimum Distributors will provide a  servicing report according to the programme outlined below. Scheduled maintenance will be conducted during off periods, evenings and weekends as to ensure minimal disruption. Our skilled technicians will perform the following as part of your comprehensive maintenance programme.


We ensure that equipment and systems used in patient care are operational, safe and properly configured to meet the requirements of general healthcare; that the equipment is used in an efficient way consistent with the highest standards of medical care.


Our vibrant and energetic team continues to educate and enrich themselves with the knowledge of proper medical product support. This helps in limiting the potential for loss, harm, or damage of the equipment as well as to the patient, provider and visitor.


Our facilities are designed on an analysis basis so as to monitor and foresee problems during the life cycle of the equipment. If the need arises, we ensure that our medical supplies and equipment become safe for medical usage.



Monthly to Bi-Monthly

  • Check Air Compressor

  • Check all filters and change if needed

  • Check all lights for drift and adjust if needed as well as replace bulbs.

  • Clean interior and exterior of sterilizer(s), including the reservoir.

  • Check chairside trap screens and lid o’rings for wear and replace if necessary

  • Disassemble and lubricate vacuum valves (HVE and SE).

  • heck oil on oil-lubricated compressors and drain compressor tank.

  • Empty and clean out bottles of self-contained water systems.

  • Lubricate joints in operating lights, sterilizer door hinges, air/water syringe buttons

  • Check handpiece pressure and tubings

  • Check vacuum system and pressure


  • Check the hydraulic fluid of patient chair.

  • Clean model trimmer wheel and drain lines.

  • Check to tube on delivery systems, nitrous, and vacuum, as well as handpiece gaskets and/or coupler o’ rings for signs of wear.

  • Check filters on the compressor and central vacuum.

  • Check compressor oil (if oil lubricated)

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