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Adper Single Bond 2 Adhesive is a clinically proven total etch, dental bonding agent.

It is specifically meant for direct light-cured restorative material as well as for the treatment of cervical sensitivity.

Adper Single Bond 2 Adhesive can also be used for bonding laboratory made composites and for bonding amalgam.

In contrast to other adhesives which have larger filler particles incorporated, the extremely smaller particles of Adper Single Bond 2 keeps them in colloidal suspension and hence no shaking is required before using.



Direct light-cured composite/ compomer restorations

Porcelain/ composite repair

Porcelain veneers (when used with RelyX Veneer Cement)

Crown & bridge, inlay/ onlay, bonding amalgam ( When used with RelyX ARC Adhesive Resin Cement)

Root surface desensitization



1 convenient squeeze bottle with 6g of Adper™ Single Bond 2 Adhesive


Adper Single Bond 2 Adhesive

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