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Dental Set-Up Tray

  • DUX Dental offers a variety of dental trays, including Size B Flat, Size B Divided, and Size F Mini. Each tray is available in 12 different colors. The Size B Flat trays are the most versatile and popular of all trays. It adapts well to individual set-up configurations. To achieve consistent infection control, a flat tray set-up with a separate sterilizable steri-mat and bur block is recommended. The Size B trays fit bracket table/control head surfaces and cabinets manufactured by A-dec, Belmont, Biotec, Celebrity, Pelton & Crane,Siemens, etc. Both the flat and divided Size B trays measure 13 1/2” width x 9 5/8” depth x 7/8 height.The Size F Mini trays are ideal for exam or prophylaxis procedures. They are half the size of the the B Trays, measuring at 9 5/8" width x 6 5/8" depth x 7/8" height. All trays can be auto/Chemiclaved.

Please contact us via phone or email for prices and availability. 

Tel: (876) 960-0855 / 920-9832 / 926-8612


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