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Beautifil Flow Plus combines the application properties of a flow with the stability, durability and aesthetic of packable composites. It is approved for every classification – including occlusal surfaces and proximal margins. With improved handling properties allowing an injectable application, creating posterior restorations has never been easier. Moreover, the ability of Beautifil Flow Plus to release and recharge fluoride and it’s resistance to bacterial colonisation makes it ideal for the prevention of secondary caries.

Beautifil Flow Plus F00

  • Benefits

    • Restorations of Class I – V cavities
    • High tensile and flexural strength
    • ”Cone technique“ application
    • Natural aesthetics with chameleon effect
    • Sustainable fluoride release and recharge
    • Exceptional radiopacity


    • F00 ZERO Flow – Absolutely stable
      Shaping of occlusal anatomy, marginal ridges and intricate surface details, restorations of all cavity classes
    • F03 Low Flow – Moderate Flow
      Restoration of pits, gingival boxes for surface modification; serves as a baseline

Please contact us via phone or email for prices and availability. 

Tel: (876) 960-0855 / 920-9832 / 926-8612


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