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The two new components added to the Beautifil composite line allow dentists to restore pink-white aesthetics and produce truly lifelike restorations. The five Gingiva shades, which can be blended with each other, help to create true-to-nature soft tissue areas characterised by great depth and invisible transitions to the tooth. The four Enamel shades are ideal for highly aesthetic anterior restorations. They allow users to easily create polychromatic restorations and invisibly repair restorations and dentures.

Beautifil II Gingiva 2.5g

  • Beautifil II Gingiva
    For the reproduction of gingival areas

    • Indicated in cases of gingival recession, exposed abutments and crown margins, root erosion and missing papillae
    • Shades can be layered and blended for aesthetic solutions without the need for surgery
    • Perfect for Class V restorations

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