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Main Features:
●The mask effectively protects your entire face, preventing dust from entering the eyes through flying dust and saliva!
●The protective mask is comfortable to wear and protects the face and eyes. More comprehensive protection than masks.
● The transparent frame design for wide vision.
● Made of high-quality materials, the mask is anti-fog, waterproof, dust-proof, odorless, lightweight, super soft, highly breathable and protective.
● The protective mask is a perfect gift, which is more worth looking forward to than giving other gifts!

●Name: Protective Mask
●Material: PC
●Function: anti-fog, anti-droplets, kitchen oil-proof, splash-proof, isolation effect

Face Shield

    Please contact us via phone or email for prices and availability. 

    Tel: (876) 960-0855 / 920-9832 / 926-8612


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