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SKINTX Soft Nitrile Exam Powder-Free Gloves by TG Medical Inc. are exam-grade due its synthetic nitrile construction that has a high tensile strength to protect the glove from tearing or being punctured. These properties give it superior chemical-resistant properties and the beaded cuff will protect the forearm as well. Nitrile naturally hugs to the hand giving user more sensitivity which allows for longer wear-time. The gloves grasp well too with texture added to the fingertips.

Nitrile will protect hands from blood-borne pathogens, biological materials, chemical hazards, corrosives, oils and solvents. These gloves work well for medical and laboratory professionals as well as tattoo artists and mechanics. Nitrile gloves are cheaper than natural latex gloves and are a good choice when needing a product that's powder-free and latex-free to avoid possible allergies. This is helpful to avoid touch contamination as well.

SKINTX Soft Nitrile Exam

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